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Presentations at the Expat Fair, Sunday 7 October - register now!

This year’s programme includes a wide variety of workshops and presentations, all geared to making your transition to life in the Netherlands easier. More than 40 professionals will introduce you to everything you need to know about their area of expertise. Themes include Relocation, Finance, Housing, Jobs for Expats, Family, Healthcare, Education, Transport & Setting Up Home.

When you get your free Expat Fair ticket, you will also receive a personal link to register for any presentations you want to attend.

Don’t miss the essential presentations in the Derkinderen Kamer, such as Tips for starting a business in the Netherlands by Caroline Orthlieb of WBBI. You can also register for the typical Dutch workshop on how to cycle in Amsterdam by Xpat Media, while Michael Diederich of Boom Chicago will help you improve and find fun in your public presentation.

In the Rode Kamer, you can learn the basics of Dutch writing by visiting the Amsterdam Writing Workshop, or find out all you need to know about selecting a suitable Amsterdam area school for your kids with New2Nl’s help.

All presentations in the Berlage Zaal delve into our Jobs for Expats theme, so jump at the chance to get that extra advice with your job hunt. Undutchables will give you a special workshop on How to prepare for a job interview in the Netherlands, while The Rotterdam School of Management will answer your questions on how to use linkedin as part of your job search strategy (this presentation is so popular it’s always fully booked – reserve your spot ahead!)

The Verweij Kamer will be the place for this year’s special theme on Houses for Expats. Visit a variety of workshops crucial to landing your dream home, such as How to rent a house in this crazy market by 27HouseRealEstate, How to apply for a mortgage by Mister Mortgage and A Package Deal for your dream house by Expats Amsterdam. Visit ABN AMRO´s talk on how to buy a house in the Netherlands.

Expat Fair is a family friendly event, providing engaging presentations alongside live performances on the main stage, for all ages. To see the full programme in all its variety visit the website.

Unique experiences in the Netherlands hosted by locals

Looking for a unique way to welcome someone into the Netherlands? Give the gift of an experience!

We find that the best way to experience the Netherlands is to meet up with locals and take part in some of the amazing things they do.

We’ve searched far and wide (or at least the length of the Netherlands) to bring you the “pearls” of the country, which are hard to find but so worth it in the end. Not found in any guidebooks or structured tours, these experiences are one of a kind.

At our stand no. 69, you can get a taste of your first and most essential Dutch experience…biking! Best of all: You can win an original BSP bicycle (a real Dutch bike) from BSPfietsen!

You are more than that!

The ability to adapt is part of the human condition, not only the body but also the mind. Yet frequently, people say thats just the way I am,” suggesting that they cannot change or do something different.

What we see in our training courses and in our coaching practices is that people often have a lot more to give than they are giving, and a lot more to show than they are showing. Many people talk about feeling a block, which is a mental or physical resistance to doing something different.

How to break this tendency to not maximize personal potential is also a common question. We believe that one of the power tools is to start writing down a different story for yourself. Find a notebook and jot down a story with details that will make you have different beliefs and create a totally different you!

See you at the I am not a tourist fair! In2motivation at stand no. 68

Cultcheers mixes knowledge, talents and social for you at home

Social integration is hard. We have all been there, we are all searching for a place where we can be in our element. Enter Cultcheers.

What if you went to a mixer where everyone in the room was there to share and learn about a subject that you’re insanely passionate about? You would surely leave feeling like you made some truly valuable connections and that your mind has been pleasantly expanded.

Cultcheers organizes “happenings”: one-hour sessions of cultural knowledge sharing. Happenings take place in the home of a curious person or an expert “talent”. The talent shares their knowledge on a cultural subject, and guides the curious through multisensory, participatory activities. Feel at home away from home!

Visit us at stand 47.


ACCESS: Serving the international community

For over 30 years ACCESS has been providing – for free, and through a network of volunteers with expatriate experience – the answers to the questions internationals have when they arrive in a new country.

We know what it is like. The myriad of questions, the things not clearly understood, and we know we can help. Through our Helpdesk or by visiting us at the expat centres of Amsterdam, The Hague, Utrecht and Leiden – we are here to lend an open ear and guide you to the answers you are searching for.

Find us online, but better yet – drop by our stand at the Expat Fair and say hello.

Visit us at Stand 74

We help you change!

Most people encounter big changes in their lives. Finding or losing a job; meeting or separating from a partner, starting or selling a business – to name but a few. For regular people these changes can be complicated sometimes, but for expats they are tougher than usual. Because they are always connected with another, legal matter: what does it mean for my residence permit? Changes can also be the result of choices: to make a temporary stay (more) permanent, to change one’s nationality.

The immigration lawyers of Prakken d’Oliveira have over 20 years of experience in helping expats manoeuvre through these changes as smoothly as possible where it concerns their permits. We advise about changes and their consequences, assist in applying for a (change of) permit, and if necessary represent you in procedures before the Immigration Service or courts. Regardless of what kind of residence permit or nationality you have, regardless of your situation.

Visit us at stand no. 66

How To Speak Dutch More Fluently

Learning a new language and speaking it fluently are two different things. Learning how to speak a new language more fluently is a skill by itself. It requires a very specific way of thinking and the beauty is that it is not something that needs to be studied.

Speaking a new language fluently does not mean that you know everything or that everything that you say is perfect. But… you can learn how to talk about anything that you want, even if your vocabulary is limited. Albert Both, also known as Meneer Dutch Brainwash, is specialized in what he calls Dutch Flow.

Albert will share some first secrets in his presentation: Don’t Worry, Speak Dutch. One thing is certain, soon you’ll find that speaking with more flow is a lot more fun and not that difficult – once you know how to do it.

Visit Albert, Talencoach at stand no. 79


The Indispensable Guide to Living, Working and Studying in the Netherlands
The Holland Handbook can rightly claim to be the most comprehensive, informative, and authoritative publication of its kind. Updated yearly, it is targeted at internationals working for global corporations based in the Netherlands; diplomats at embassies and consulates; teachers and students at international centers of learning; and entrepreneurs running their own companies. The book is designed to welcome newcomers to the Netherlands, and to give them the information they need to be able to start their life here quickly, easily and comfortably.

The richly illustrated coffee table book offers 272 full color pages of essential
information on all aspects of living and working in the Netherlands such as:

* registration
* career
* housing
* international education
* financial issues
* health care
* daily life issue
* insurances
* Dutch culture and habits
* and much more.

Visit us at the XPat Media stand no. 63.


A treasure trove of information for the international community

Expatica is the leading news and information platform for the international and expat community in Europe. Through its websites, Expatica reaches 4.5 million expats and internationals worldwide.

Expatica’s online product offering is comprehensive, compelling, accurate and helpful for everyone living or planning to live outside their home country. In addition to its rich editorial content, the site offers a broad range of extensive, useful tools such as a job board, a dating site, housing offers, events listings and even a currency zone for international money transfers.

Expatica partners with I AM NOT A TOURIST to organize both the Expat Fairs in Amsterdam/Eindhoven and Job Fair for Internationals, as well as to publish the handy annual Expat Survival Guide distributed among newly-arrived expats. Find more information at www.expatfair.nl. Stand no. 29


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